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Pricing and subscription plans

Do not miss a new season for FC Barcelona! Take a look here at the subscription plans and the pricing, plus all the benefits for Culers Premium.

Most popular choice

Culers Premium

39 ,99€/year
  • Full access to Barça TV+
  • Culers Premium Card
  • Discounts on tickets and branded products / merchandising
  • Exclusive sales on branded products

BarçaTV+ Annual

29 ,99€/year
  • Full access to Barça TV+

What's on Barça TV+

Original series & Documentaries

Learn the stories behind in a different and an exclusive way.

Full match replays & highlights

Leap off the couch to celebrate every goal as often as you like, and for as long as you like.

Livestreams & 24/7 Live TV

Get full access to press conferences and 24/7 Barça Live TV, including live broadcasts of Barça Teams matches. A Culer is a Culer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exclusive players content

Get so close to the players that you feel part of the team. Full access to interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, training sessions and lots more.

More than 30 years of archives

Feeling nostalgic? Travel back in time to watch your favorite moments all over again, and feel the same excitement that you did the first time as you marvel at the greatest teams and players in Barça history.

And much more!

New content every week

Put your kit on and join the team on this latest Barça adventure. We’ve got plenty of surprises in store for you!



Join the Club and score your first goal with all the benefits of being a Culer!
Access to Barça TV+
Exclusive content only for Culers
Win great prizes
Official kits, tickets, meet & greets and much more!
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